Nepal Trekking

The ancient traditions, still alive today, honour the Himalayas as the embodiment of the gods and the goddesses. The Zhomolong-ma (Mt Everest), for example, is the Embodiment of Mother goddess. And it is easy to see why: the mountains are on a superhuman scale, both beautiful and sublime. Trekking in Nepal will take you through a country that has captured the imagination of explorers, writers and sages for hundreds of years. Trekking in Nepal writer (Lonely-Planet) Stan Armington writes: “the beauty and attraction of the Nepal Himalaya emanates not only from the mountains themselves, but also from their surroundings. Nepal is a country of friendly people, picturesque villages and an amazing variety of cultures and traditions that seem to exemplify many of the attributes we have lost in in our heading rush for development in the West”.

Reasons Why You Should Not Miss Trekking in Nepal

  • Central Himalayas has been favorite place for Meditation for Siddhas and Saint even before Shakyamuni Buddha. You could still visit those cave meditation halls and the monasteries.
  • Among Seven Beyuls (the sacred hidden valley) Five are located within the Nepal Himalayas.
  • The sacred Hidden Valleys are: Khaptad, Limi Valley, Dolpo, Lo-Mustang, Muktinath, Narphu, Manaslu (Kyimolung), Lantang Valley (Namgodagam), Helambu (Ghangirawa- Yolmo), Khandro Rolwaling, Sankhuwasabha (Khempalung)
  • Nepal embraces 8 out of 10 world’s highest peaks over 8000 meters.
  • The longest trekking trail in the world, the Great Himalayan Trail- 1700km.
  • Nepal is the land where gods and mortal mingle in the streets during festival seasons singing and dancing.

You are Welcome to join the Celebration and Experience the Epic Journey of Your Life!