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Nepal Trekking Guide run Samsara Trekking is a trekking & tour operating company powered by a team of ecology conscious trekking & tour guides who evolved promoting responsible tourism in Nepal. The team members are aware of the environmental pollution that tourism industry may bring to the rural parts of the country if it is not operated responsibly. Since we come from Nature Guide background, we do not seek comforts for ourselves or promise comforts to our guests at the cost of precious natural and cultural heritages. However, we do create all the necessary conditions for the insightful experiences that real comforts come from within; what we carry around with us is just a conceptual showoff. We understand, physical lightness of our presence in nature entails mental brightness within. The Himalayas help you with your inner journey. We appeal  against mechanical Mountain Climbing in the Himalayas, for our Sacred Mountains have turned into mountains of Garbage. We are for keeping the Himalayas sacred & as the abode of Awakened Beings! 


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Nepal Tour Packages

Nepal Trekking

The ancient traditions, still alive today, honour the Himalayas as the embodiment of the gods and the goddesses. The Chomolong-ma (Mt Everest), for example, is the Embodiment of Mother goddess. These Mountains can Heal your mental afflictions! Come join us in the Himalayan retreat for the journey within!!

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Jungle Safari

Nepal’s Southern lowland known as the tropical Terai is covered with dense tropical jungles teeming with diverse wildlife, exotic birds and reptiles. Here you will find some of the most exciting safari destination in the world. Samsara Trekking offers an unique wildlife safari experience based on individually tailored trips in Nepal.

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Mindfulness Hiking Retreat

Hiking Retreat in Nepal Himalayas is an unique experience seasoned with the simplicity of Himalayan people & the serenity of the local surroundings. Remote from all sorts of modern distractions & noises, the retreatants experience the present moment with an understanding of Human-Nature Interbeing.

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Cultural Heritage Day Tours

Samsara Trekking offers a unique cultural heritage tours in which you are guided into the core of Nepal’s cultural heritage and amidst the beauty of ancient city of Kathmandu valley. You will be amidst the skillfully built temple-palaces, delicately engraved stones & metal images, carved wooden columns & shrines.

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Mindfulness Day Hiking

Mindfulness Hiking is a day trip in the hills of Kathmandu, guided by an experienced meditation practitioner in the Buddhist tradition of Mindfulness. The hike brings participants to the present moment, with the awareness of the natural beauty and its richness around them.

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Nepal Birding Holidays

Nepal’s unique geography has created habitat for many rare species of birds from Himalayan Griffon, Himalayan Monal, Satyr Tragopan in the inner valley of the world’s highest mountains peaks to Bengal Florican, the rarest bird of the world. Nepal alone accommodates 10% of the world’s total bird species.

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