Mindfulness Hiking Retreat

It was a moment of heightened awareness, and in that hut in the mountains of Nepal, far away from my birthplace, I knew the world was my home“. Bhante Y. Wimala, Lessons of the Lotus


Duration of the Trip: 14 Days (9 days in the mountain). TRIP PRICE: 1597USD per person for 2-4 person in a group  &  1407 USD per person for 6-10 person in a group  /  Single supplementary + 127 USD for whole trip / Bed & Breakfast in Kathmandu, Full Board in the mountain: all meals (vegetarian) three meals a day with tea & twin-sharing accommodations /  Trip Starting Point: Kathmandu Hotel at 7:00am / Trip Ending Point: Kathmandu Hotel at 11:30 am (12:00 Noon- Check-Out Time)

Hiking Retreat in the Himalayas is an unique experience accompanied by simplicity of the mountain people and the serenity of the local surroundings.  Remote from all sorts of modern distractions & noises, the retreatants  meet all the conditions to live in the present moment. The Hiking Retreat is composed of walking, sitting & working meditation based on the Buddhist scriptures Anapaannasatti & Sattipathaana accompanied by basic Yoga prior to meditation! Lantang, the valleyof Tibetan Buddhism,  is the retreat site. It is one of the five sacred hidden valleys prophesied by Buddhist Master Guru Padmasambhava as the place for a deep spiritual practices.  

Guided Walking & Sitting Meditation / Commentary on Human-Nature Inetrbeing / Tea Meditation / Deep Listening /  Karma Sharing (work & life experience a participant feels like sharing for reflection) / Tamang & Tibetan Cultural Heritage/ Langtang Mountain Range/ Langtang Lirung/ Tserko Ri / Kyangzin Gompa/ Langtang Village/ Sacred Valley/ Himalayan Lifestyle

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