Gerrit Assink, Ede, Netherlands

The guys from Samsara Trekking arranged a wonderful trekking to Langtang in November 2019! The ultimate trophy on our trip to Nepal was to find a Himalayan Monal in its typical habitat, the Himalayan slopes.

In order to find these, and many other birds, the guys from Samara suggested to do a 7 day trekking into the valley of Langtang, one of the less disturbed areas in the Himalayas. Our guide was Raju and he really had the eyes of an eagle, finding even the smallest birds.  Not only did we find more than 10 Himalayan Monals & over 120 bird species, we also saw some typical mountain mammals like Thars, Langurs, Pica’s and even a Serow. Besides a great guide, Raju and porter are very pleasant company and always in for a joke or a good conversation.

They also provide you with excellent food and make sure you have a good bed to sleep in. Above all, they care a lot about the well-being of their guests.  When symptoms of altitude sickness showed up, they did not take any risk and made sure that we got down immediately to prevent any serious harm. Thank you for the awesome trip and showing me the most beautiful place I have ever seen!